U is for…

The nursery children are great at drawing so I thought they could continue this at home.Remember to help your child use a tripod grip.

Leave a comment to let me know about the work you are doing at home.

Best wishes

Mrs Moule x😊

4 thoughts on “U is for…

  1. Hello Mrs Moule and Mrs Sammi,
    Hope you are keeping well? Ethan and Olivia are very busy doing work sheets on Tracing letters and numbers, matching colours, counting, learning biggest and smallest, colouring pictures, they have also painted a Rainbow and put it in the window of our house, and we are sticking all work done in the blue books you gave them. They are missing you and Mrs Sammi, and keep asking if they are going to school, just shows how much of a excellent job you both do, they both enjoy attending and have come on so much since starting with you, so thank-you both so much, take care both, and hope to see you all very soon.

    Best wishes from
    (Ethan and Olivia’s mum) xx


    1. We are really happy to hear from you.It’s great that Ethan and Olivia are keeping so busy.Thank you for your lovely comments.We are both missing all the nursery children too and look forward to seeing you all again.
      Best wishes from
      Mrs Moule and Mrs Sami xx


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