Building Towers

We have been busy building towers .This helps us learn about height.Who has the tallest tower?Is your tower shorter than my tower?Can you build a tower taller than yourself?

Yoga Bugs

Relaxing at the end of our afternoon yoga with Yoga Bugs.

The Three Bears

We have been comparing the sizes of the Three Bears .Then we decided which bear to draw Daddy,Mummy or baby.This helps us develop our understanding and language of size .Come and look at our great bear drawings on the Goldilocks display.

Sorting Food

The Three Bears liked to eat healthy porridge so we have been learning about healthy food.We sorted food into two groups.We can eat a lot of the healthy food but just a little of the unhealthy food.The children enjoy nursery snack time and eat lots of healthy fruit and some vegetables too.🍎🍐🍌🥕🍊.